Our Guarantees

Al’s knowledge of property maintenance, customer service and pest control are the basis for one of the best guarantees in the industry. Al Russo, the owner of Express Pest Control, was a real estate agent from 1992 – 2004. He has been licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to perform Wood Destroying Insect (W.D.I.) inspections for real estate transactions since 2004 and has performed over 3,000 W.D.I. Termite inspections. Al is approved by H.U.D. for inspections involving F.H.A. and V.A. loans and has been licensed since 2006 for general pest control treatment.

Al Russo, Owner of Express Pest Control Photo


Express Pest Control is not like most pest control companies – it won’t be necessary for you to read the fine print in a service agreement and/or make multiple calls to customer service.

Express Pest Control does not have a “one size fits all” guarantee! Instead, we offer options and guarantees tailored to each service we provide, the pest and the structure we are treating and the conditions that caused the pest problem. 

  • We carefully assess each and every situation and inspect each and every structure.
  • After our assessment, we offer our customers options to solve the current problem(s) and prevent future problems.
  • If certain conditions exist in or around the foundation of your home (e.g., moisture or heavy/dense vegetation), a spring and fall treatment may be recommended to control future pest problems.
  • Some insect infestations may require a second treatment – after which we back our service with a 3-6 month guarantee.
  • We provide spring applications to prevent the nesting of bees, wasps & hornets for residences, businesses & commercial buildings with a full season guarantee.

Call 440-891-9411, email or fill out our contact form today with the pest issue(s) that you are experiencing and we will gladly explain what we will do in addition to the guarantees for each of our services.  


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