Berea, Ohio, in Cuyahoga county, is 12 miles SW of Cleveland, Ohio.

Berea History

The first European settlers arrived in this area from Connecticut. Among them was the Revolutionary War veteran, Abram Hickox, who purchased a plot which today is called the Middleburg Heights. This was in the early part of the 19th century. In 1809, his nephew, Jared Hickox, arrived in the area with his family and set up a family farm. Abijah Bagley, who married Jared’s daughter, later took over the farm and turned it into a successful concern. In 1828, John Baldwin discovered the grindstone quarries in the area which had a profound impact on the fortunes of the region. He named the place “Berea” after the Biblical city of the same name. Before concrete came into use, these grindstones were an important construction material and to this day Berea is known as the “Grindstone Capital of the World.”

Berea and Nearby Attractions

  • Berea Historical Society
  • Art and Drama Center
  • Burrell Observatory
  • Marting Hall
  • Wallace Lake
  • Dora Lee Payne Park

Things To Do In Berea

Berea offers visitors the opportunity to explore several historical sites in, and near, the city including the museums at the Berea Historical Society, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and the Ukrainian Museum-Archives. Apart from this, the banks of the beautiful Wallace Lake and the Baldwin Lake are popular tourist spots. Berea also offers a number of picnic areas and amusement parks that provide recreational opportunities for both children and adults. The churches and cemeteries around the city have retained the old-world atmosphere. In addition, the Parkway Shops Shopping Center, the Bagley Plaza Shopping Center and the Berea Plaza Shopping Center are ideal places for shopping enthusiasts.



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