In the 1600s, what is now Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, and Westlake were all once one territory. This territory was inhabited by various Native American tribes, such as the Wyandots, Ottawas, and Eries, who lived in wigwams or simple-stone dwellings. They settled, traded, fought, and later moved elsewhere. In its initial years it was a part of the Cuyahoga County and governed by the Dover Township. In 1818, it was established as Xeuma and later renamed Troy Township. In 1824, it was renamed Avon Township.

Avon and Nearby Attractions

  • French Creek Reservation
  • Black River Reservation
  • Sandy Ridge Reservation
  • Bradley Woods Reservation
  • Lake Erie Nature and Science Center
  • Hickories Museum





(courtesy of citytowninfo.com, wikipedia )