Wadsworth, Ohio, in Medina county, is 32 miles S of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Wadsworth History

Wadsworth was founded in the year 1814. The city was named after the Revolutionary War hero, General Elijah Wadsworth. Before the 1830s, most of the residents of this city were of English descent. Gradually, the “Pennsylvania Dutch” people began to arrive and there were reports of frequent skirmishes regarding land disputes with the English settlers. The city saw significant progress in the late 1820s with the establishment of canals and several mills. The Blue Tip Festival is a famous five day celebration hosted by this Ohio community.

Wadsworth and Nearby Attractions

  • Ella M Everhard Public Library
  • Wadsworth City Hall
  • Steiner Youth Center
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • Blockers Run
  • North Woods Park

Things To Do In Wadsworth

While at Wadsworth, one can visit the Ella M Everhard Public Library and the Wadsworth City Hall. The Steiner Youth Center offers some amazing fitness programs and equipment coupled with indoor and outdoor pools and gaming rooms that are open to both residents and non-residents. The city has a number of churches and cemeteries where one can spend some quiet and peaceful time. The Blockers Run and the Holmes Brook are beautiful streams worth taking a look at. Wadsworth also boasts of a number of parks that offer recreational facilities to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

 (courtesy of wikipedia )